HMP Deerbolt needs you

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We are currently looking for new volunteers to join our team at HMP Deerbolt located in the beautiful village of Startforth near Barnard Castle. HMP Deerbolt is a category C young offenders’ establishment that caters for male young offenders between the ages of 18 to 24. 

The Deerbolt team are looking for people who have a few hours to volunteer on Thursday, Saturday or Sunday each week to help families on the day they visit a loved one in prison. They need help booking people in for a visit, serving refreshments and in their play areas for young children, both outside and inside the prison.

Emma Price, Nepacs’ volunteer coordinator, said: “The impact of imprisonment on children and families can be devastating which is why we feel it is important to support them every step of their journey – from the courts, during the time their loved one is in prison and prior to release.  Our team of volunteers are dedicated to helping prisoners’ families and children across the north east, but we are looking for more volunteers to join our team and help us to offer the best support possible during what is an extremely difficult time for families.”

“Lorna’s husband was sent to prison for two years and she told us that the worst part was telling her children. She said: “Everything is destroyed, your way of life, your security, your finances. You try to keep everything normal but it’s not normal. Listening to your children crying every night asking when their dad is coming home.”

Emma added: “Nepacs volunteers come from all walks of life. If you think you could support someone like ‘Lorna’ by volunteering and would like to be part of a team who helps to make a difference to the lives of prisoners’ families please get in touch”

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