Nepacs award winners 2015

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The 2015 ceremony at Lumley Castle was held on Thursday, 2 July, 2015, and the awards were presented by Peter Barron, Editor of the Northern Echo.

There were four main awards and 12 certificates of high commendation presented to individuals who work in probation/CRCs, prisons and youth offender institutions in Northumberland, Durham, Barnard Castle, and Teesside.

The four main award winners were:

  • Lynda Elliott, Learning, Skills and Employment Activity Unit Manager, HMP Durham - For her work in partnership with Durham University to deliver a pioneering project that has enabled criminology students to study units of their degree alongside prisoners in custody - known as the Inside Out programme. Lynda has also worked with other partner organisations to introduce projects such as the 6 Book Challenge, The Ghost Project, Lumiere, Open Clasp, Veterans in Custody, the National Enterprise Pilot and Reaching Out project. Lynda is also actively promoting social enterprise opportunities in the prison and supported the development of the new social enterprise coffee shop within the prison.
  • Michelle Carr, HMP&YOI Low Newton - For her work in developing and producing a monthly newsletter for prisoners at HMP&YOI Low Newton in Durham. Michelle is part of the clinical team and works on the Primrose Unit for people with severe personality disorders. The idea for the newsletter was put forward by Michelle, who now works with other team members to produce each issue.
  • Andy Haslam, Custodial Manager at HMP Kirklevington - For his work in substantially increasing the number of prisoners sustaining ROTL (Release on Temporary License) employment and related achievements over the past year, while simultaneously improving security. Andy has maintained between 65 and 85 prisoners in full time employment and brought new employers into the establishment to showcase prisoners' skills. Andy also ensures local charities are supported through all prisoners carrying out a minimum period of 30 days' community work.
  • Amanda Moffett, HMYOI Deerbolt - For her work in managing visits and developing provision to support family ties for prisoners (aged 18 to 21 years) at HMYOI Deerbolt. Amanda was the driving force behind the introduction of father/child visits, which have gone from strength to strength and now extended to include siblings. She also worked with the Nepacs family support worker to develop a DADS course, with input from Sure Start, and introduced family days.

12 certificates of high commendation were also presented to the following individuals or teams who work in probation/CRCs, prisons and youth offender institutions across the north east:

Durham Tees Valley Community Rehabilitation Trust nominations

  • Audrey Gill, Hartlepool, for 38 years of excellent service in probation work
  • Margaret Lochore, Durham City, for her work in the Criminal Justice Hub
  • Kelly Taylor, Stockton, for her work as a volunteer member of the Stockton team

HMYOI Deerbolt nominations

  • Tracy Arneil, for her work on the Induction Wing
  • Erica Lee, for her work on the Recovery Wing
  • Mick Lewis, for his work leading the Safer Custody initiative on the Segregation Unit

HMP Durham nomination

  • Richard East, for his exceptional work as an officer

HMP Frankland nomination

  • Karen Chambers, for her work maintaining and developing Family Days at HMP Frankland

HMP Holme House nominations

  • Penny Gassoumi and Keith Mullins, for their excellent work on booked visits

HMP Kirklevington nominations

  • Michelle Danvers, for her excellent work with prisoners, in particular with older ones
  • Graham Hogg, for his work with Veterans in Custody
  • Gary Lamb, for his work as leader of the Task Force

HMP&YOI Low Newton nominations

  • Chris Cassidy, for his therapeutic work with prisoners targeting fire setting
  • Geoff Gaskill, for his work as Hospital Officer
  • Derek Hardy for his work supervising the waste management team
  • Angela Thomas, for her work with difficult prisoners

HMP Northumberland nomination

  • Christine Waters for her work as a Nepacs volunteer over many years at Northumberland Visitors' Centre