HMP Kirklevington Grange 


HMP Kirklevington Grange,
TS15 9PA

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Contact details

Prison: 01642 792 600

If you could like to speak to someone please call Monday to Friday 8.30am to 11.30am on 01642 744080 (excl bank holidays). Details of our helpline and other support available HERE. 

How can I book a visit?

All visits are booked by the prisoners at the prisoner information centre. 

Visitors will be contacted by a member of staff from Nepacs or the prison to explain the new visit procedure and what you need to know for the day of your visit.

When can I visit?

Prison visiting times are:

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday  -  1.40pm to 3.40pm

Sunday – 9.00am to 11.00am
                 1.40pm to 3.40pm

At present, all prisoners will have the opportunity to receive one visit a month and the visit may last for one hour.

Visitors must arrive at least 30 minutes before the end of visiting times. If you are late the latest you will be allowed in is 30 minutes before the end of visits.

The prison reserves the right to refuse entry and will not tolerate verbal abuse or anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Visitors must be dressed appropriately - the wearing of shorts, vests or hats is prohibited.

Please note, if a visitor has been banned from another prison they will not be allowed entry.

Who can visit?

At most, 3 people can visit. All children are counted in the 3 visitor rule. If there are no children on the visit, then a maximum of 2 adults can visit.

All visitors must be on the prisoner's approved contact list.

How can I get there?

Car parking is available in the visitors’ car park by the coffee shop. Disabled parking is available outside the main gate but this needs to be arranged with the prison in advance of the visit.

If you are travelling by public transport, the prison is a 10-minute walk from Yarm or a short taxi ride.

What ID documents will I need?

Social visitors have the option to present one photographic ID document from List A:

  • Passports
  • Identity cards from an EU or European Economic Area (EEA) country
  • UK photocard driving licences
  • EU or EEA driving licences
  • NI Electoral identity cards
  • US passport card
  • Proof of age card recognised under PASS with a unique reference number (This includes the Citizen ID card)
  • Armed forces identity card
  • UK biometric residence permit (BRP)

Should they be unable to present an ID document from List A, they may present one ID document from List B, supported by one document from List C:

List B:

  • Home Office travel document (convention travel document, stateless person’s document, one-way document or certificate of travel)
  • Older person’s bus pass
  • Freedom Pass
  • Proof of age card recognised under the Proof of Age Standards
  • Scheme (PASS) without a unique reference number (please refer to List A where a unique reference number is present)

List C:

  • Birth or adoption certificate
  • Education certificate from a regulated and recognised educational institution (such as an NVQ, SQA, GCSE, A level or degree certificate)
  • Rental or purchase agreement for a residential property (signed and dated)
  • Marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • Bank, building society or credit union current account card (on which the claimed identity is shown)

All forms of ID must be originals, photocopies will not be accepted. If visitors fail to bring identification they will not be allowed into the prison.

Children will need ID if the prisoner has child safeguarding restrictions, then the child will need photographic ID such as a passport.

Everyone needs photographic ID on every visit they attend to enable them to go on a social visit.

If you don’t have photographic ID please check out the websites below: (current cost is £15) (Standard costs £15 but takes 21 days and urgent application costs £30 and could take up to 1-2 working days. When purchasing the card to be used for prison visits, you will be eligible for a 50% discount, making the cards cost £7.50 instead of £15.) 

Unfortunately if you do not have any photographic ID you will NOT be able to go have your social visit. 

Where can I wait when I arrive for my visit?

On arrival at the prison visitors are asked to report to the prison gate. 

Visitors will have their ID checked when they arrive at the Welcome Centre (just inside the gate). 

Lockers are available in the Welcome Centre for those who travel by public transport. All other visitors will be required to leave all personal items in their car, with the exception of their ID documents, car key and a baby bottle (if required).

Refreshments are available to purchase in the visits room, table service only. 

A play area is also available in the visits hall for children.

There is also a coffee shop, situated in the car park of the prison. Check out their Facebook page for The Grange Yarm to find out details.

If you have any questions about visits, concerns about a loved one, would like some support for you or your family, or would like to speak to someone please call our Nepacs team on 01642 744304 or 01642 744080. 

What facilities are there for children?

A play area is available in the visits hall for children to attend during visits. 

It is visitors' and prisoners' responsibility to supervise their children.

What can I take into the visit?

  • Locker or car key

  • ID

  • Baby bottle

  • Watches are allowed but tech watches including Fitbits and Apple watches are not

Visitors are not allowed:

  • To bring or hand in any property to prisoners

  • To bring any food or drinks into the visits room except for baby food

  • Mobile phones are not allowed in the prison.

There will be no smoking in the prison.

Everything else is to be left in your car or locker.

Can I take anything or send anything in for the person I am visiting?

At present no property may be handed in by visitors during a visit. 

In order to get permission to send items in for the prisoner, he must go through the application process and each one is treated on an individual basis.

Will I be searched?

As a category D/resettlement prison HMP Kirklevington Grange is more relaxed and family friendly than other prisons. 

Visitors to HMP Kirklevington Grange are subject to random checks and searching, which is similar to a domestic airport.

Passive drug dogs are sometimes deployed at Kirklevington Grange - if your child is frightened of dogs you should inform staff. The dogs are friendly and do not bark or jump up. 

Am I allowed physical contact with the prisoner during visits?

Limited physical contact such as a hug/kiss is allowed during your visit.

Can I get help with the cost of visiting?

There is a Help with Prison Visits Scheme to help with the costs of visiting prison. The scheme is available to visitors on certain benefits, tax credits or a low wage. 

Apply online here: 

If you have any questions about the scheme or would like some help please ask in the visits hall tea bar for information or visit HERE for more information. 

How can I stay in contact with a prisoner?

The prisoner is able to telephone his family/friends any time of the day and has access to a number of telephones within the prison. The prisoner will need to pay for phone credit in order to use the telephones, which goes on their account each Wednesday, and your telephone number needs to be cleared with security. It may take a few days for a new telephone number to be approved.

Be aware that it is expensive for a prisoner to ring a mobile phone (even if it goes through to voicemail).

They are also able to write cards or letters. 

Writing letters

You can write to the prisoner, using his name and number. A prisoner will keep the same prison number during his time in prison and will not change, even if he changes prison.

You can send in photos but any greetings cards must come direct from Funky Pigeon, Moon Pig or Jail Mate.

All correspondence is being photocopied and the photocopy will be passed onto the prisoner. Please use black or blue ink only and do not use glitter.

You are no longer able to send stamped addressed envelopes or stamps for the prisoner.

You can also contact the prisoner using email, voicemail and video calls.

Email a prisoner: - This costs 40p per email and is delivered the next day.

Prison voicemail: For information and costs associated with this service, click here

Video calls: The secure social video calls (video calls) service at this prison is changing. From 19 March 2022, the prison will start using a service called Prison Video. This means that you will need to use the Prison Video app on your phone or tablet device to have a video call with someone in prison. For more information please visit or

Storybook Dads: You can send a video message from home through StoryBook Dads

Find out more HERE.

How can I send money to the prisoner?

Family and friends are able to log on to an online electronic system to send money to a prisoner.  When you log in you will need to set up a ‘payee’ very much like you would when you do your internet banking.  To do this you need the prisoner’s number and date of birth.  Once you have input these into the online form and the system has checked this against NOMIS, if the details match, the money will then appear on the prison’s internal spreadsheet (an admin tool) the following morning for approval.  The system also gives you an option to pay via a debit card. 

Once the money has been approved it should appear within 1-3 days in the prisoner’s bank account.

By transferring money online it means the money is transferred more quickly, there are less processes and there is no physical handling of money for staff. 

Click here for the online information/ site to start sending money

What health care services are available for prisoners?

Health care for prisoners in HMP Kirklevington Grange is currently provided by Reconnected To Health (RTH).

RTH is a partnership made up of Spectrum CIC (general healthcare), Tees Esk & Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust/TEWV (mental health services) and Humankind (drug and alcohol services).

If a prisoner has a concern, they must let a member of healthcare staff know.

Please see their website for frequently asked questions and answers about health care provision for prisoners in north east prisons. Find out more here:

Who do I contact if I have concerns about a prisoner?

If you have concerns about a prisoner you can always leave a confidential message with the prison by calling 01642 792600.

Alternatively if you have concerns about a loved one, would like some support for you or your family, or would like to speak to someone please call our Nepacs team on 01642 744304 or 01642 744080. 

Who can I contact if my family needs support?

If you or your family have any additional needs please contact the Nepacs’ family support worker by telephone 01642 792684 or if you would like support regarding visits please contact 01642 744080. 

The Nepacs’ family support worker at HMP Kirklevington can work with a prisoner and their family to:

  • Provide advice and support to families to reduce barriers to visiting
  • Signpost families to relevant community services
  • Assist to establish or maintain family bonds
  • Mediate reconciliation with family members
  • Provide support in gaining access to children
  • Support with practical issues such as transport and childcare
  • Offer emotional support
  • Provide help to access special family days and father-child visits, including after-school clubs
  • Help access financial support for travel and family hardships
  • Support in preparing for home leave and release - including our Heading Home re:connect and re:settle programmes (which support prisoners and families before release)

We hold regular sessions (called Visitors’ Voice) where visitors’ get together to support each other. On occasions a representative from the prison attends to explain what happens within different departments and to answer questions. Your visitors can check forthcoming dates in the visitors’ centre or find out more HERE.

Do you run any special family visits?

Special family visits take place during all school holidays and one father child visit per year, which takes place in the summer. 

If you would like to find out more about these visits please contact the Nepacs family support worker or visits team (01642 744080).

For more information about visiting HMP Kirklevington please call our Nepacs team on 01642 744304 or 01642 744080. 

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