Share your experience

We know that lockdown has been incredibly difficult for prisoners and their loved ones as well as the wider community. 

At Nepacs we would like to hear what prisoners’ families and loved ones think about the lockdown measures that have been put in place within north east prisons and also how you have managed to keep in touch with your loved one in prison during this difficult time. 

Please get in touch and let us know how lock down and changes to prison regime has affected your loved one? How has lock down affected your relationships with your loved one in prison? If there are children involved how has it affected you and their relationships with the person in prison?

We would also like to know your thoughts on visits, video calls and other forms of communication available to you. 

Your experience will help Nepacs and our local prisons to improve support available to visitors, families and loved ones in custody in the north east. 

Contact us

Get in touch with us to tell us your thoughts by calling or emailing your local prison visitors' centre team. Details HERE.

Or contact our telephone support helpline team by phone or email will respond to your email and will be available by telephone or email to answer any questions you may have or to offer a listening ear.

Please note, we may use your response in our publications, in social media or online, in letters to officials, reports to local prisons and to raise awareness of the experiences of prisoners’ families. Any contributions we do use will be anonymised. 

Listening, responding and improving

People who use our services are at the centre of everything we do which is why we encourage them to get involved in our Visitors' Voice groups and events, or to tell us what they think about our services.

So if you have any comments, concerns, suggestions, compliments or complaints about any of our services please let us know.

It is only by listening to the views of our service users, staff and volunteers that we can respond and work together to make improvements.

Nepacs welcomes your feedback and encourages your participation. There are a number of ways that you can get involved or tell us what you think:

  • Complete our annual visitor survey

  • Attend a Visitors' Voice group at your Visitors' Centre or online via Zoom - dates and details HERE.

  • Come along our regional Visitors' Voice event -  details of the next event HERE. 

  • Give us your feedback using the suggestion boxes or comments books in our Visitors' Centres

  • Write to us or email your comments, compliments, suggestions or complaints HERE.

Changing perceptions

Families and friends of prisoners are the hidden victims of imprisonment and may suffer a great deal of isolation and hardship.

By service users working with Nepacs and where possible speaking out, together we can help to raise awareness of the needs of prisoners' families, change perceptions and reduce the stigma and isolation experienced by families, especially children. After all, they are not the ones who have committed an offence.

You can get involved and help support the work of Nepacs in a number of ways:

  • Volunteer

  • Seek employment with Nepacs

  • Speak at a conference or in the media

  • Provide quotes or case studies for use in publicity materials

  • Participate in working groups

  • Talk at training events and conferences

Please get in touch with our head office if you would like to help.