Help and support

Nepacs is all about supporting a positive future for prisoners and their families, and helping them to maintain family ties.

We strongly believe that investment must be made in resettlement and rehabilitation to ensure that reoffending is reduced, there are fewer victims of crime in the future, and less prospect of family life being disrupted and possibly destroyed by a prison sentence.

As a charity with a strong regional base, including over 200 volunteers from all walks of life, we are determined to play our part in promoting family ties and improving resettlement. Ministry of Justice figures tell us that prisoners are 39% less likely to reoffend if they have had visits throughout their prison sentence. That's a strong argument for keeping families together.

We are also concerned about the damaging impact of a prison sentence on families and seek to minimise this by offering information, informal support and signposting for help with finance, childcare and health issues. After all, the families haven't committed the crime, but they, especially the children, are greatly affected by the punishment.

The impact of imprisonment can be devastating, which is why our staff and volunteers provide friendship and support throughout this difficult time - from the courts in Teesside and Durham, to helping families to maintain contact during the prison sentence through our prison visitors’ centres, family support workers, and child and youth projects, and then, at the end of the journey, offering families support on what to expect when their loved one is released.

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