Durham Police and Crime Commissioner visits Nepacs at HMP Durham

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On Tuesday 12 April 2022 we were delighted to welcome Joy Allen, Durham Police and Crime Commissioner to meet our team at HMP Durham, in Durham City. 

During the visit Joy heard about the support we offer from the point of arrest and court by our helpline and support at courts projects, and the support provided to children and families visiting a loved one in the prison within the visitors centre and prison visits hall. 

The PCC was also introduced to the prison's senior management team and a tour of the prison helped to highlight the unique nature of HMP Durham as the reception prison for men in the north east and the particular needs of men during the early days of being in custody.

Police and Crime Commissioner Joy Allen said: “When an offender receives a custodial sentence it can have a huge impact on their families, particularly the children.  The service provided by Nepacs offers a veritable lifeline to those families, helping them to access support from organisations offering childcare and health care as well as housing and financial advice. The service also seeks to retain relationships between the prisoner and their families throughout the sentence.

“It’s clear to me that if we can boost the strength of the family ties it will help the rehabilitation of the prisoner on their release.  In turn, this will mean fewer victims of crime in the future. 

“I want to see the revolving cycle of crime and sanction addressed effectively and the work the Nepacs carries out is a key part of that approach.”

We are looking forward to welcoming Joy Allen back to the prison in the near future to hear about our Early days in custody project.